stephist(values; bins = 15, normalization = :none)

Plot a step histogram of values. bins can be an Int to create that number of equal-width bins over the range of values. Alternatively, it can be a sorted iterable of bin edges. The histogram can be normalized by setting normalization.

Shares most options with hist plotting function.

Statistical weights can be provided via the weights keyword argument.

The following attributes can move the histogram around, which comes in handy when placing multiple histograms into one plot:

  • scale_to = nothing: allows to scale all values to a certain height


Available attributes and their defaults for Plot{Makie.stephist} are:

  bins           15
  color          RGBA{Float32}(0.0f0,0.0f0,0.0f0,0.6f0)
  cycle          [:color => :patchcolor]
  linestyle      :solid
  normalization  :none
  scale_to       "nothing"
  weights        MakieCore.Automatic()


using GLMakie

data = randn(1000)

f = Figure()
stephist(f[1, 1], data, bins = 10)
stephist(f[1, 2], data, bins = 20, color = :red, strokewidth = 1, strokecolor = :black)
stephist(f[2, 1], data, bins = [-5, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 5], color = :gray)
stephist(f[2, 2], data, normalization = :pdf)

For more examples, see hist.