pie(fractions; kwargs...)

Creates a pie chart with the given fractions.


Available attributes and their defaults for Plot{Makie.pie} are:

  color           :gray
  inner_radius    0
  inspectable     true
  normalize       true
  offset          0
  radius          1
  strokecolor     :black
  strokewidth     1
  transparency    false
  vertex_per_deg  1
  visible         true



  • normalize = true sets whether the data will be normalized to the range [0, 2π].

  • color sets the color of the pie segments. It can be given as a single named color or a vector of the same length as the input data

  • strokecolor = :black sets the color of the outline around the segments.

  • strokewidth = 1 sets the width of the outline around the segments.

  • vertex_per_deg = 1 defines the number of vertices per degree that are used to create the pie plot with polys. Increase if smoother circles are needed.

  • radius = 1 sets the radius for the pie plot.

  • inner_radius = 0 sets the inner radius of the plot. Choose as a value between 0 and radius to create a donut chart.

  • offset = 0 rotates the pie plot counterclockwise as given in radians.

  • transparency = false adjusts how the plot deals with transparency. In GLMakie transparency = true results in using Order Independent Transparency.

  • inspectable = true sets whether this plot should be seen by DataInspector.


Set the axis properties autolimitaspect = 1 or aspect = DataAspect() to ensure that the pie chart looks like a circle and not an ellipsoid.


using CairoMakie

data   = [36, 12, 68, 5, 42, 27]
colors = [:yellow, :orange, :red, :blue, :purple, :green]

f, ax, plt = pie(data,
                 color = colors,
                 radius = 4,
                 inner_radius = 2,
                 strokecolor = :white,
                 strokewidth = 5,
                 axis = (autolimitaspect = 1, )


using CairoMakie

f, ax, plt = pie([π/2, 2π/3, π/4],
                offset = π/2,
                color = [:orange, :purple, :green],
                axis = (autolimitaspect = 1,)