A toggle with an attribute active that can either be true or false, to enable or disable properties of an interactive plot.

using GLMakie
fig = Figure()

ax = Axis(fig[1, 1])

toggles = [Toggle(fig, active = active) for active in [true, false]]
labels = [Label(fig, lift(x -> x ? "$l visible" : "$l invisible",
    for (t, l) in zip(toggles, ["sine", "cosine"])]

fig[1, 2] = grid!(hcat(toggles, labels), tellheight = false)

line1 = lines!(0..10, sin, color = :blue, visible = false)
line2 = lines!(0..10, cos, color = :red)

connect!(line1.visible, toggles[1].active)
connect!(line2.visible, toggles[2].active)